Foiling Machine

The Foiling Machine is a fabulous addition to your equipment and can help you create fabulously stunning foiled projects right in your craft room.

The machine comes with 4 sheets of gold foil to help you get started with foiling projects, there is also a carrier sheet which is for use with the machine.

The machine is so simple to use and comes with instructions, but all that is need is to turn the machine on, select hot or cold foiling.

Then place your project in the carrier sheet with your selected foil on top, close the carrier sheet and then when the light indicates ready feed the sheet into the machine.

The machine will pull the sheet through automatically so no need to pull or keep pushing into the machine and when done simply carefully peel away the foil.

You can even create your own designs by printing on a laser printer!

Use this machine and foils to create Cards, Invitations, Scrapbooks, Tags, and many more crafty projects!

This pack contains:

  • 1 Machine
  • 4 A4 Foil Sheets – Gold
  • 1 Carrier Sheet

Please be aware this machine comes with a UK plug and is rated for 220-240V power supply.


This product is part of the Butterfly Garden Collection.