Angelic Collection

The Angelic Collection from Tattered Lace has imagery that will evoke strong feelings for many a person; from the peaceful, to the curious and inquisitive.

The Illustrious illuminations die has so much utility due to its many different sizes and can be used as the silhouette for a church window or the foundation to a project.

The Auspicious Aspect die really is a powerful, ethereal design that emits a strong, pure presence.

The Seraph depicts a powerful, heavenly, angelic figure that demands your attention and awe.

White doves are very symbolic to many people; they can be seen as: a symbol of purity, a symbol of peace and, to believers of the Old Testament, brought Noah a plucked olive leaf showing that the floods were over and leading him and his Ark to land.

The Delicate Compassion die set is a sweet, understated design, which expresses love in an elegant way.

Use these dies on Cards, Invitations, Home Decor, Scrapbooks, Tags, Decorations and many more crafty projects!

The Angelic USB will fulfil the powerful and mesmeric potential of your heavenly angelic crafts with picturesque backgrounds, stunning charismas and much more.

This USB has: 100 A5 Backing Paper files, 160 Backing Paper files, 18 Cardstock files, 4 different Charismas, 100 Pattered Papers and 100 Sentiments to add that all important finishing touches.

Mix and match these designs with your existing ones to create unique and brand-new results each time!

This collection contains:

  • Illustrious Illumination Die Set:
    • Largest Die: 12.9cm x 22.5cm
    • Smallest Die: 0.8cm x 1.5cm
  • Auspicious Aspect Die Set:
    • Auspicious Aspect: 9.6cm x 18.9cm
  • Seraph Die Set:
    • Seraph: 9cm x 13.7cm
  • Serene & Tranquil Die Set:
    • Largest Bird: 11cm x 6.4cm
    • Smallest Bird: 3.8cm x 2.6cm
  • Delicate Compassion Die Set:
    • Delicate Compassion: 12cm x 12.3cm
  • Angelic USB:
    • 100 A5 Backing Papers
    • 160 Backing Papers
    • 18 Cardstock
    • 4 Charismas
    • 100 Patterned Papers
    • 100 Sentiments


This product is part of the Angelic Collection.