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Get ready for all your Christmas crafting needs with the glorious Christmas Tidings collection from Tattered Lace.

The Warm Winter Welcome die is extremely endearing and is sure to warm the heart.

The O Holy Night Die set almost has a mystical, enchanting look; especially when you apply the icy blues and whites of the charisma that is available.

The Winter Playground is a very wholesome design that has a playful spirit, it will make anyone wish for snow.

The Sending Christmas Tidings die is simply pretty as a picture, and with the charisma adds an even deeper sense of wholesomeness.

Who does not enjoy the feeling of a cool, refreshing winter morning, with a crisp frost on the ground? The Winter Mornings die is emblematic of this with two cute Robins to top off the feeling.

The Christmas Companion is a delightful die set, with two cute furry friends chilling in the snow.

The Holiday Crescent die and charisma is abundant in deep, lush colours that are the perfect palette for the Christmas season.

The Holiday Laurel die and charisma has a range of beautiful embellishments and a wonderful frame for the holiday seasons.

The Charismas for these dies are available on the Christmas Tidings USB.

The Festive Bauble die is a well-designed set with a lot of utility for your festive themed crafts.

Use the elements of this die set across a range of projects as embellishments and decorations!

The Tattered Lace Christmas Tidings USB will transport you to the perfect winter wonderland. Jam-packed with files that are the perfect thing for all your Christmas projects.

200 Backing paper, 18 Cardstock, 8 Charisma, 198 Pattern Papers, 100 Scenes and 79 sentiment files all to compliment the dies in this collection or use with other items in your craft stash.

This USB helps to add that professional finish to your card crafting.

The Cardinal is big and bold with really explosive colours, with dusting of snow and holly making it perfect for winter scenes.

The Ruby Robin is the perfect representation of one of the most characterful and iconic birds in the UK.

The Blue Jay die and charisma is sweet as can be with lovely soft colours that would feed well in to a winter scene.

The Lantern Die and Charisma is a beautiful design with beautiful warm colours, and contrasts well with the snow.

The Trifle Die and Charisma is so scrumptious looking it will leave your mouthwatering.

The Pudding die and charisma is a delightful treat of a design that can really top off a great Christmas based craft.

Use these products on Cards, Invitations, Home Décor, Scrapbooks, Tags, Decorations and many more crafty projects!

These products are wonderful for use all year round for any occasion, such as Birthday, Wedding, Congratulation, Thank You, Best Wishes and much more!

Combine these products with others in this collection or with products from your crafty stash to create amazing projects!

This collection contains:

  • A Warm Winter Welcome Die Set:
    • Detail: 11.8cm x 11.8cm
  • O Holy Night Die Set:
    • Detail: 11.8cm x 11.8cm
  • Winter Playground Die Set:
    • Detail: 11.8cm x 11.8cm
  • Sending Christmas Tidings Die Set:
    • Detail: 11.8cm x 11.8cm
  • Winter Mornings Die Set:
    • Detail: 11.8cm x 11.8cm
  • Christmas Companion Die Set:
    • Detail: 11.8cm x 11.8cm
  • Holiday Crescent Die Set:
    • Crescent: 9.4cm x 14.1cm
    • Largest Embellishment: 6.3cm x 5.6cm
  • Holiday Laurel Die Set:
    • Holiday Laurel: 14.4cm x 17.9cm
    • Largest Embellishment: 3.7cm x 2.6cm
  • Festive Bauble Die Set:
    • Bauble: 12.2cm x 14.3cm
    • Panel: 11.9cm x 11.8cm
  • Christmas Tidings USB:
    • 200 Backing Papers
    • 18 Cardstock
    • 8 Charisma files
    • 198 Pattern Papers
    • 100 Scenes
    • 79 Sentiments
  • Cardinal Die Set:
    • Cardinal: 6.9cm x 10.9cm
  • Ruby Robin Die Set:
    • Ruby Robin: 7.7cm x 9.8cm
  • Blue Jay Die Set:
    • Blue Jay: 6.9cm x 10.6cm
  • Christmas Lantern Die Set:
    • Christmas Lantern: 8cm x 13.3cm
  • Christmas Trifle Die Set:
    • Christmas Trifle: 6.6cm x 10.6cm
  • Christmas Pudding Die Set:
    • Christmas Pudding: 8.2cm x 7cm

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