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Break out of the mundane and explore a whole new, magical world with stunning vistas and flora that has never been seen for, with the Fantastical Flowers collection.

Let the Window of Illusion transport you to somewhere new and exciting, where mushrooms can grow as tall as people and trees have stood for many millennia.

The Fantasia Flowers die set creates a beautiful flurry of expertly crafted flower heads, the detail of which, will make your crafts look highly professional.

The Floral Phantasm die set creates a stunning menagerie of lush flowers that can create a beautiful bouquet or adown a wonderous forest floor.

The Botanic Apparition die set can be used to create and wonderous forest full of twisting vines and giant mushrooms.

The Amber die set and charisma shows beauty and grace in equal measure, whether it be from the lady and her flowing skirt or the flora.

The Jade die set and charisma mixes natural and man-made elements with creativity and aplomb, creating a unique aesthetic.

Turn the characters in this collection into fairies flitting through a magical land with the Fluttering die set and charisma

Every fairy needs a home and what better than a cute little mushroom house, like the one lovingly crafted in the So Mush-Room die set and charisma?

Use these dies on Cards, Invitations, Home Decor, Scrapbooks, Tags, Decorations and many more crafty projects!

These dies are wonderful for use all year round for any occasion, such as Birthday, Wedding, Congratulation, Thank You, Best Wishes and much more!

The Fantasy Florals USB has a huge range of vivid and awe-inspiring designs that will set off one’s imagination.

This USB has: 200 Backing Paper files, 18 Cardstock files, 4 different Charisma files, 21 Element files, 160 Pattered Papers and 75 scenes to add that all important finishing touches.

Mix and match these designs with your existing ones to create unique and brand-new results each time!

This collection contains:

  • Window of Illusion Die Set:
    • Window: 11.4cm x 14.6cm
    • Tallest Mushroom: 2.9cm x 6.4cm
  • Fantasia Flowers Die Set:
    • Group of Flowers: 6.3cm x 7.4cm
    • Smallest Flower: 2.5cm x 2.6cm 
  • A Floral Phantasm Die Set:
    • A Floral Phantasm: 10.2cm x 8.8cm
    • Smallest Decoupage: 2.5cm x 2.3cm
  • A Botanic Apparition Die Set:
    • Tree: 9cm x 13.9cm
    • Grass: 9.2cm x 3.9cm
    • Smallest Mushroom: 1.5cm x 1.5cm 
  • Fantasy Florals USB:
    • 200 Backing Papers
    • 18 Cardstock
    • 4 Charismas
    • 21 Elements
    • 160 Patterned Papers
    • 75 Scenes
  • Amber Die Set:
    • Amber: 5.4cm x 9.8cm
    • Smaller Thistle: 2.7cm x 3.8cm 
  • Jade Die Set:
    • Jade: 4.5cm x 9.9cm
    • Acorn Lantern: 0.9cm x 2.2cm
  • Fluttering Dreams Die Set:
    • Wing: 4.1cm x 6.5cm
    • Larger Butterfly: 2.5cm x 2.1cm
  • So Mush-Room Die Set:
    • Largest Frame: 16.3cm x 19.5cm
    • Mushroom House: 7.7cm x 10.4cm
    • Smallest Snail: 1.6cm x 1.2cm

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