Comedy & Tragedy Masks (464769)

Tattered Lace Dies are the most detailed and delicate dies on the market. They are beautifully co-ordinated with a distinctive look and can be standalone or used to complement existing dies in your collection.

The Comedy and Tragedy masks are ancient symbols of theatre and going back to ancient Greece when actors used to wear the masks to denote the roles they were playing! This die features the famous masks above a scrolled banner and on a detailed background.

Tattered Lace dies have a non-stick coating that allows the card to release without the need for wax paper or tumble dryer sheets. Use with a variety of different card, fabric and materials to create stunning effects for your cards, home decor and scrapbook pages.

This die measures approx 10.7cm x 9.5cm.

This product is part of the Silver Screen Collection.

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