Memories A Woodland Walk Collection

Woods can be wonderous places, teaming with life and colour; and the Woodland Walk collection aims to embody that.

The A Woodland Walk Paper Pad not only shows off the beauty that can be found within nature but, due to the different colours, the differences in the seasons.

This would be a great way to get children and non-crafters interested and excited about crafting – the images are just amazing!

Mix and match these designs with your existing ones to create unique and brand-new results every time! 32 sheets offer the crafter versatility and the opportunity to experiment.

The A Woodland Walk gives you so many designs to make your crafts come to life with the wild nature of Forests and Woodlands.

With 312 Backing Papers, 80 Cardstock files, 8 Embellishment files, 6 Envelope & Pocket files and 7 Topper files

This bundle contains:

  • A Woodland Walk 12×12 Paper Pad:
    • 32 Double-Sided Sheets – 12″ x 12″ – 180gsm
  • A Woodland Walk USB:
    • 156 8 x 8 Backing Paper files
    • 156 A4 Backing Papers files
    • 40 8 x 8 Cardstock files
    • 40 A4 Cardstock files
    • 8 Embellishments files
    • 6 Envelope & Pocket files
    • Topper files