Embossing Mat (A4)

Create stunning embossed effects in an array of projects with this incredible Embossing Mat.

This brand-new mat has been specially designed with a texture to provide a non-slip surface for embossing.

It has been designed to work alongside the brand-new Lotti Dotti range, which offers a selection of wonderful dies that have additional embossing elements.

However, you can use this mat alongside a range of other craft techniques, including flower forming techniques and stamping techniques – making it a staple in any craft collection.

It is A4 size to ensure you have plenty of space to emboss an array of projects, and that it fits easily through your die-cutting machine. You can also cut it down to fit smaller projects.

This mat really is easy to use. All you have to do is cut your die-cut element as normal, and then run the element through the machine again with the embossing mat to make the embossed effect more prominent. Simple!