The Tattered Lace Magazine Issue 35

Welcome to Issue 35. In this issue, we have something rather special for dog lovers and it is FREE! The Walking the Scottie die is just beautiful, a cute girl with her lovely little pup that is so charming it is bound to raise a great big smile. We have six fabulous projects to inspire you, we have even turned the dog walker into a fairy, only Tattered Lace!!

The seriously beautiful collection of Goldwork Lace dies feature in this issue, they are stunning and the cards that have been designed are seriously superb. A combination of drama, opulence and sheer gorgeousness makes me sure you will have a go at the projects, or maybe just take pieces of inspiration that you can incorporate in your own masterpieces. Another magnificent set of dies is also featured, the 3D Shadow Collection and we are showcasing two die sets: Sweet Briar and the Lazy Daisies. They are so incredibly pretty but so very versatile. Talking of versatility, the Screen Card projects show you how to change a Screen Card to a stepper and a dinky little card, it couldn’t be easier!

It’s not all pretty and girly, we also have the Crane and Cement Mixer dies to add a bit of masculinity to the magazine and also the Majestic Unicorn to include a touch of magic. We also have a superb project using the Lighthouse together with Texture Pastes and Paint. Perfect to hang in the bathroom!

This item is not currently available.